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Some of the best decisions I have made between purchases and other changes

Lately, I’ve been thinking about some decisions I have made, or been influenced by, and I’m just so grateful, cause they make me happy and make my life easier.

  1. Buying my Macbook Pro, and selling my other computers. I’ve been wanting a laptop for a while for it’s mobility and power, I’ve been wanting a mac, because I’ve only heard good things about them and everyone seems to like them. It’s powerful and light enough for my needs. I love the 15″ screen, I would have really regretted getting the 13″ Macbook. I had a really nice windows desktop that I sold on craigslist, because Mandy bought me a mac mini which I loved, but wasn’t as portable as this thing. I upgraded the hell out of my mac mini and sold it on ebay. I’m still super glad I bought my macbook pro, it’s been really a pleasure.
  2. My 1080p Plasma Samsung TV. It’s been another best purchase because the picture quality for high def movies, shows, and regular tv is just stunning clarity. Along with saving space in our medium sized living room. This is a Mandy idea.
  3. Cutting the back legs off my desk and sitting it on the window ledge. This saves a huge amount of space again in our small guest room, and another of Mandy’s brilliant ideas.
  4. Switching to WordPress. This is definitely up there as a super smart decision to make, and I’m glad I did, I feel like it’s just a better platform and much easier to use for me.
  5. Getting rid of the shed. I’m glad I did this cause I got rid of a shed that someone else was able to repair use (again thanks craigslist the free section). It also saves space and is now more ‘out of the way’. Once again, let’s thank the wife!
  6. Buying the Jeep Commander, now this isn’t super great cause it was the most expensive purchase, but at the same time it really is a great decision. This car has everything, sirius radio, blue tooth, rear camera, sunroof, moon roofs, dvd player, navigation, auto windshields, V8 Hemi, and a 6 disc mp3 player. I love that I don’t want to ‘add’ or ‘install’ anything on it. Oh, the other best thing, remote start!

Now you may say, well these are all really expensive things that you bought, and yes you’re right, but every time I use these things, I’m grateful for them, and everything about them. One thing missing from this list if you’re very astute is ‘the Tivo Series 3 HD’ I returned……which is what my next post is about…….