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Some projects we’ve worked on

I’m trying to catch up on some posts that I’ve been meaning to tell you and show you about. I’ll start with my desk.
Mandypants had the brilliant idea to cut the back legs off the desk and sit it on the window ledge. It turned out great, gave us more room, and it serves it’s purpose. It’s a little cluttered, but it makes the room bigger, and more comfortable when the sofa bed is pulled out.
We’ve moved one of our bookshelves to the hall way, and it fits great and it gives us some more room in the office and guest bed room. Another one of Mandy’s great ideas! I’ve also realized how small my house is. My house is under 1300 square feet, and having Dupree (Katy, my sister in law) living with us things are a little tight, but for two people it’s just perfect. As for hosting parties it’s also a little cramped, but it makes for an intimate fun gathering! Notes in the picture, the hairy ass you see is not mine, it’s Hannah Banana, she can’t stand not being in a picture.