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The Shed Project

Goodbye old rotting shed, hello new resin smaller tucked away shed!  Yes, this has been a pain staking task, and it’s complete!  I’ve been thinking about doing this for about 6-8 months since one side of the shed had started rotting really bad.  I’ve been wanting a smaller shed, one that takes up less yard space (cause less is more).  I know I have tons of space, but I didn’t want to fix it, and Mandy had a brilliant idea to tuck the new shed on the side of the house that has no gate.  It’s worked out quite nicely as you can see (bottom pic). 

I have truely maximized space in the garage, storing lots of items such as shovels, ho’s, post hole diggers, etc that were in the old shed.  I also was smart and purchased an outside storage bin which holds a good amount of small items I had in the old shed.  I got rid of a hole bunch of wood that I kept ‘just in case’, but I know I’ll never use.  It’s a good feeling and a much needed task.  Oh what do you say, what am I going to do with that mulch?, chuck it over the fence like I did the last time

The steps of how this all was accomplished.

  1. I organized the garage even more and got rid of some stuff.
  2. Started to move stuff into the garage from the old shed the goal was to put as much items on the wall and to arrange the lawn mower, pig box, and wheelbarrow temporarily.
  3. Get rid of the old shed.  I put it up on Craigslist free section and within 5 minutes someone said they’d pick it up that day.  Now that was interesting, we basically lifted one side of the shed rolled in a trailer, pushed said shed onto trailer, and he hauled it off.  I’m glad they took it as one piece but WOW, this guy was freakin amazing.  I wanted to take pics but I was helping and it just wasn’t right.
  4. Buy new shed and fill it with the lawn mower, pig box, and wheelbarrow.  

Things couldn’t have turned out any better, I’m thrilled with how it all looks.  Best thing I can still comfortably park two cars in the garage.

Next project, arrange the office a little bit better. I’ll have pics for that.