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It’s with great pleasure I want you to met my new ride!

The Clit Commander! Right now that’s what the guys are calling it, but the friendly name of it is Victoria, for it’s tough exterior and soft/gentle interior (and when she tells me where to go, navigation is fun). [singlepic=9,250,350,left]So for the details, 2007, 5.7 Hemi 4X4 with six thousand miles (yes slightly used), fully loaded; DVD, 6 Disc Changer/MP3, Sirius Sattelite Radio, Bluetooth, Navigation, Rear veiw camera, 3rd row seating, and leather. There are more features but I can’t think of them, those are the major ones. This thing is pretty bad ass, and fun to drive. Mandy and I really like it so far. It was a good deal (knowing you always get fucked at a dealer). With the previous Jeep it was time to retire, and this is our ‘investment’ car (you know for family or towing that big ass boat I want). We’re both excited, cause this was our first car we purchased completely by ourselves with no outside help, we feel very grown up now. It’s also exciting cause I get to re-use my Jeep labeled rubber floor mats again! There are so many things that I love about this car because I knew for our next car it was going to be fully loaded (that was a personal goal), and now I won’t do any upgrades to this car….well maybe one, add the ipod adapter to the radio, but that’s no big deal! Ride on![singlepic=8,250,350,right]