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8 Traveling, movies, boats, and focusing
8 Relationships are harder than Marathons

22 Divorce the best thing to happen to your finances!
1 Hitting Rock Bottom and Changing
25 My list of comedians I’ve seen over the years.
19 Downgrading my car but upgrading my life!
7 The Answer to Life
5 2011 Resolutions Review and Combining of Past Ones

24 A Year End Review, An Open Letter to my Friends and Family
18 My parents finally bought a house!
18 A Cruise with the Taylors
18 Running a Marathon
3 Some posts I’m working on
2 Day 5: I LOVE Guacamole

31 Day 3: Expedition Cabo
31 Day 2: If the World Took Vacations to Cabo…
31 Day 1: Cabo Did Not Disappoint
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26 After 25 years my Parents are moving
8 Goodbye Jeep Commander
6 Restoring an Apple TV 1 from Scratch on Mac OS X
6 DMB Album New Album Title
27 New Years Eve in Vegas 2008-2009
15 Mandy Running the Disney Marathon and Our Funny Marthon Signs
14 New Years Resolutions?

16 Selling things online
8 Mandy Running a Marathon
28 An American Creed
16 The Best Program on a Mac – Bar Genie
15 Gaining experience putting it into words
25 How We Can Clean Up A Lot of the Economic Problems
20 Living in New York City aka Manhatan
19 Dave Matthews Band at Madison Square Garden
4 To the tragic deaths of some incredible people
3 Orlando Doggy Day Care
2 Kevin Smith’s – Zack and Miri Make a Porno Teaser Trailer
2 Souvenir Travel Traditions you can incorporate
23 Top 10 things I learned about living in Australia
9 The Avon Decent
8 Fremantle Prison
8 I’ve been recruited as part of the Dharma Initiative
6 My new goal to be the Salsa Stripper King!
5 Why people use Twitter!
4 Mandy started her very own blog!
3 Eddie met Dave Matthews!
3 Delicious Firefox Extension breaks Flash
1 All Access August!?!?!??!
28 Status on my New Year’s Resolutions
26 The Greatest Show on Earth!
22 My Weekend at Margaret River (Mandy Style)
11 Our Wedding Dance Video on Fox News
5 Another New Year’s Resolution Horse Back Riding
4 Don’t ever forget it’s always…..
2 Beautiful Gmail Interface
1 Hacking my iPhone
1 Apple TV has changed the way I watch TV, movies, and listen to music
27 Ginormous!!
26 Moving to Perth, Australia
16 Being home for a week
4 Sydney Video from Day 1 & 2
19 Caversham Wildlife Park
12 G’day Mate! Driving in Aussie Land
8 Happy Birthday Aiden Maris!
30 Star Wars Ewok Gospel Song
19 Another Geek in the works
17 I almost bought a pair of Lederhosen!
15 My Funny Video of Walking up Prague Castle Tower
14 Visiting Prague, Czech Republic (pictures and video)
8 Being on Nutrisystem and how we save $400 per Month
7 Happy 1 Year anniversary to Mandy
4 New ways to subscribe and design changes
3 Welcome The Maris Family Blog
20 Howard Stern & Baba Boey Songs
5 Blu-ray is the Winner!
3 Goodbye for now HeyZeusAndMandy.org
29 Being home sick
28 Robin Williams Saves the Day at TED When Tech Fails | Epicenter from Wired.com
25 Finally I went snowboarding and it’s off my unwritten goals
25 Jimmy Kimmel is Fucking Ben Affleck, Response to Matt and Sarah
20 Welcome to Unterhaching, Germany
16 Singing in Rockband is freakin awesome!
13 I love my 16gb iPhone!
11 Orland Jai-Alai is more fun than you may think.
5 16gb Iphone on it’s way….soon
25 30 Rock’s Midnight Train to Georgia
24 Shutting down HeyZeus and Mandy.org
23 Orlando Improv has moved to Club Whispers off Kirkman Ave.
23 Being Unemployed and What It’s Like
14 Drain your water heater tank at least once a year
11 Honeymoon in Aruba and Jeremiah the Goat plus video!
9 My Bubba loves his new Cannon PowerShot SD850 IS Digital Elph
7 Willie Nelson playing Gravedigger
7 Connecting your Cingular 3125 to your Mac in Leopard for Internet access
6 Indoor Rock Climbing in Orlando at Aiguille
3 31 Three WordPress Theme Released
3 Banana Republic’s online photos are lighted heavily.

29 Holiday traffic sucks!
28 Blog posts for Emurse.com
14 Lost Season 4 Trailer Released
10 Ikea, how their instructions and return policy could be better
7 Why I love dogs
30 Micro blogging all in one place with tumblr
17 Tips for Cooking
16 Beowulf in 3D is Awesome!
13 We have some cute babies in our family
13 YouTube – Mad TV – Ipod Nano Feist 1234 Commercial
12 I am the Racquetball Champion!!!
9 Progress Energy and their Home Energy Evaluation Program
8 You think Dave Matthews is a good guitar player
7 Why the Tivo Series 3 HD isn’t for everyone
6 Some of the best decisions I have made between purchases and other changes
5 UCF Homecoming game and our first time at The Brighthouse Stadium
1 A call to all my fraternity brothers, don’t we know this guy?
31 When you correct people on the news about Hurricane Names
29 My 8 hour install of Leopard and my review.
27 Finally, I have ported Expression Engine to WordPress and why
26 Our first dance, you can now watch it anytime you want!
22 God Bless College Humor – Brohemian Rhapsody
16 Kat-Man-Tay Tours updates
15 Our Body Exhibit at the Orlando Science Center is fascinating.
9 I saw either the Google maps car or Microsoft maps car or something else by the UCF arena!
7 My secret to getting better in racquetball
7 Que toca la musica y alto!
4 How Brighthouse sets their HD channel numbers
3 I love hearing stories of seeing Dave Matthews Band Live for the first time and my top .
3 Why are Cracker Crumbs never with the other likely items.
2 I walk into a room and this starts playing
30 The end of a great Sunday
28 Blog Orlando, BarCamp Orlando, and Alex doesn’t use Quicksilver!!!
26 You should all know it’s Gavin’s Birthday today!
20 My Tivo Series3 Dilemma
18 A Big Sports Night Last Night
16 Great Game UCF and Bill you’re a local celebrity!
10 Our Weekend in Atlanta
6 We’re headed to Atlanta for the Dave Matthews Band show at Piedmont Park Conservancy benefit Concert
4 Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds on Blu-Ray is Fucking AMAZING!!
3 Doggy Ice Cream Social
29 Getting involved in Orlando and geeking out
28 Your friendly Happy Birthday Reminder
21 Emurse the only site you should sign up for!
21 Son of a Bitch!  I’m with you Michael Bay!
16 There’s something about Avery
15 My Big Announcement
12 Internet Addition [A Serious Post]
9 Hannah’s tirade
9 All of the photos from Hawaii are up
8 Some projects we’ve worked on
7 Katy’s Graduation Weekend.
1 All Access August is now OPEN!
22 I’m in Hawaii
18 All Access August!
17 The Office Project
17 Finally after 2 years or so
12 This past weekend (pictures included!)
11 Geocaching rules!
11 The Shed Project
10 Mandy got Sammy a Mohawk
30 Does anyone have an Amazon Prime Account
29 As Superman Returns from not finding his planet
27 I started a new list.
20 Do you need a place to live?
15 I love my sister in law
15 A Personal Request to anyone and everyone that has a website!
12 I have one reason to use Emurse.com !!!
11 Secretly I’ve been using
11 Finally, it was a relaxing weekend
1 It’s been a hell of a week.
31 My additions to the side bar
29 Some things I will do different when buying our next car.
24 Two quick things
22 Life is about changes
21 Come on Alexis Rose!
18 Happy Birthday to Laura
17 I didn’t want to tell anyone about my magazine shoot
16 Random links for the day.
14 More of my all online life
14 A Fabulous Mother’s Day Weekend
11 This just in!
11 Salgueiro is one hell of a last name
11 Every few years
10 Sub-Tropical Storm Andrea
10 My current favorite lawn tool.
7 A day with another pretty lady.
7 Happy Anniversary!
7 An exhausting weekend
5 World of Warcraft has a themed credit card?!?!
4 A detailed review of the Occidental Grand Aruba
3 Happy Birthday to Hess
1 My online life
30 Getting back to keeping busy..
29 It’s with great pleasure I want you to met my new ride!
27 A review of my resoultions
27 Converting the site
27 One of the funniest videos I’ve seen
26 Ask the car expert!
25 Jon Fucking
24 “Generation Y” is comprised of people between the ages of 21-27
23 What is Ian thinking!!!
23 The new and amazing
22 More photos
22 More photos uploaded
21 Another friend another blog
20 Now about Aruba
19 Don’t have more than 100 people
18 Honeymoon photos are up
18 And we’re back!
5 Picking up the suits today
4 I get married in 3 days.
3 Well here we are
29 9 days left
28 Finally after all these years of gambling
17 The All in One Solution
17 Final details
15 My finances a personal review
7 Wedding Shower
28 I’d like to do a comparison of
27 We’ve FINALLY made our decision on our honeymoon
22 It’s coming down to the wire
8 Almost ready
31 Work has been super busy
26 10 Things I learned about Jury Duty
23 The end of a great weekend!!
18 It is really great
12 My enjoyment of playing raquetball
11 Lots more Hotel Information
10 A location for the rehearsal dinner
9 This is what Eric does when it rains
8 Best of luck to Eddie
6 Happy Birthday Avery
5 This is a funny statement.
4 Here are my car stops
4 Christmas with the Taylors
4 If you haven’t checked in a while…
3 What a break!!
2 A New Year a New Website?
2 This is for everybody!
2 How to make the week go by quick

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29 The New Year’s Resolutions
28 I really only like talking about Celly
28 Some Fantastic Links and Updates
24 Merry Christmas Celly
20 The FUCKIN five things
20 Best and worst of 2006
14 Working 8-5
11 Congratulations to Michael
9 This is the second time
6 Let me tell you what my middle name is
4 Quick link post
3 The aftermath of one the greatest
28 With a cover, grate and
8 Mandy and I recently returned
2 I quickly realized what else the thieves took,
1 STOLEN!!!!!
27 Why do a majority of my
20 Couple quick things
17 Everyone does it
13 Someone clever
9 In my desperate attempt for attention
8 Yum, Hrmm, Saturday Night
6 Google Boobies!!
5 I’ve made my
4 Lost airs tonight!!
29 Coming Soon; The Engagment Party
21 You Tube is a pretty cool site
18 I’ve changed the look of my cube
16 With the help of a great programmer
14 For you engadget readers
14 I am soo fucking pumped!!!!!
13 Upgrades
11 So a while ago, I saw
8 After returning from a quick trip to miami beach
7 Talk about un-original
6 I’m working on uploading
30 I bet you’ve never been to
29 I’m at Jury Duty today
28 Happy Birthday MandyPants!
25 Being busy
23 The best city in the world so far and by far
17 Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16 Give it up to the Jeep!
15 I swear by it too
12 Dave Matthews in West Palm is today!
8 An Update
3 Let’s rewind some
2 My spurts are sometimes random
11 *Phew* it’s been crazy
19 Fucking computers!
14 The Quick Update
12 Cameron recently purchased
12 Speeding tickets suck
8 Oh man!  I forgot to tell you
6 With all this free time on my hands
4 Hugo’s sail boat is
2 Finally after some
1 Let’s take a moment
1 Finally,
30 The culmination of my lawn
24 Someone posted this on
15 Lawn Project Part Duex
9 After a very very long weekend
5 The lawn overhaul project begins!
2 Looks like our Vegas trip
2 The Official Wedding Date
1 JazzFest was unbelievable
27 Fucking yard work
26 Before I forget
25 The three of use
21 For the 3 of you
18 Parade of homes is quickly approaching
17 Returning from a
10 Flying along
7 Seriously
6 Bloglines is a really practical site
30 Do you know how to install
29 Forums are fucking annoying
22 Things are looking much better
17 I have an imagination from hell
16 This week has been crazy
15 Planning, brainstorming and more
13 About a month ago, I had started
12 I had to work Sunday
10 Please give me all your change!
7 I’m going to VEGAS!!!!!
6 Going back to school
3 I think sometime mid-march
2 Dave Matthews Band tour dates
1 Thank God for I’m in a much
24 Today has been the worst day ever!
24 Parade of Homes, Eddie’s Wedding,
23 I amaze myself sometimes really
23 I have an obsession with
22 Use a host file
21 It seems like
21 My parents threw Mandy and I
18 I can’t stop listening to
17 One week anniversary
17 Some thougts on Mandy and more
16 My first random thoughts
16 Now on the other hand
15 Our dogs love
15 Finally I proposed
14 Engagment Party
12 Well, we’re back
10 I’m proposing today!!!!!11111111111!!!!1111111111!!!!
9 My new password is soo freakin
8 I have friends.
7 The professionalism at
6 Bleach is the greatest product
3 The Breakfast club has been created
1 Da Vinci Code is fucking
31 It’s been a year since
21 Audiobooks, Itunes, and
19 My fucking to do list is super
18 I love inside jokes
17 Myspace is the biggest garbage of all time
16 The to do list
13 You think you know something
10 Don’t ever EVER!
5 Damn it’s good to be

28 Today in Mexico
22 Tony is in town
18 Guadalajara, Mexico
16 The Motorola MPX220 cell phone
12 The 4th Annual Holiday Party
5 Jason Mraz was absolutely fabulous
2 Mandy’s and I’s buddy
29 The 4th Annual “Thank God that we are not married with kids … yet .. Holiday party..”
28 If some genius
10 Go ahead and ask
9 A website you’ve absolutely
4 Lost is
31 I can now be a Disney Junkie
30 Quake 4 came out
27 My writing skills
27 Each time
25 Congratulations!
24 I’m playing
20 Now all my friends believe I
19 The food & wine festival
19 Birthday wishes
18 Since my recent
6 The lunch crew meets again,
5 If yall remember
1 We just got back from John
30 I’m really looking forward
26 Ever since I got
23 I’m in love with
23 “Mandy” and I saw
20 The long post on returning from Colorado
9 I’m officially in Mountain time
9 And we’re off
7 My site is down like a
3 What a beautiful little wedding
3 Cameron is online sooo much
2 I created a quick website for
1 Kind of a busy weekend
31 If you don’t pay attention
30 Godbless all those poor people
30 One more day for AAA
29 Just got back
19 The biggest news of the year
18 On this past sunday morning
16 No one believes me
14 In all honesty
12 Now we all love
8 Like time travel,
3 So some stories about NY
1 So I’m back
1 All Access August has
29 Hello from
28 Seriously, I can’t say it enough
27 Happy Mother Fuckin
23 All Access August
22 A great quote I heard recently,
21 Personally I would like to
21 It’s someone’s
20 Had a one night stand last night
19 I can’t wait till
19 Well, as you can tell
17 Last florida show tonight
16 Another Dave show tonight
15 What a fucking awesome time
14 So if you REALLY REALLY know me
13 A quick good luck
13 Sometimes you just
8 Now, you may think
7 Now how fucking true
6 Jay is my bestest friend
5 Seriously I can’t say it enough
5 With pennies there are
4 I’m glad it’s 4th of July
2 Also, the new Z-Trip album
2 Now we’ve all seen the
1 I’m not a
1 I’ve added three fabulous new and amazing
30 Need to translate
29 As Random as I really like to be
28 I played my first
28 Best Buy employees rock
27 Lately, I’ve been on this
27 The greatest NFL
26 One of my favorite all time
24 Last night was an absolute
23 If you’re reading this
23 Yum Yum Yum
22 My birthday is coming up and
21 Happy Summer Begins Day!
21 Some people go
17 Dear Rain
15 So I feel so behind in this
14 If you have not seen
14 Why the FUCK
13 One day there’s going
13 Vote for me!
13 An eventful weekend
10 So you’re bored
10 Fat Phil is coming in
9 You wonder
9 So my week has been
7 So after hours and hours
6 If you don’t be
3 All skin and bones
2 The Beck album is really freakin
2 The only reason
1 Bring it on bitches!!!!
31 Carlos Mencia was
27 My netflix account
26 Finally, the bongos
25 There are some really conceeded people
24 This past weekend
24 Again, I’m a celebrity
18 Today is the fuckin
17 In honor of Star Wars
17 Thank you Lord
16 Parade of homes
13 So Zeus, what are you gonna
12 If I could afford
11 You are becoming (hahahahahahahahaha, I said you!)
10 I did something
6 So!  What did you
4 Ya know seriously, this has been an entertaining last day or two.
30 I have finally found
29 I’m so the fucking shit!
28 I would also like to say
27 I would like to say
27 My favoritest show is on tonight
26 Sinbad!!  Remember him!
24 This past weekend
30 After all the