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My Big Announcement

I’ve taken the plunge and our household is now a Blu-Ray Household. I’ve purchased, with the convincing of my beautiful wife a 50″ Samsung 1080p HDTV, and I must say I am super glad I did. I was debating on which side to go towards but with 7 out of the 8 studios going for Blu-ray or both, and Universal being the only douche bags to not jump on board (probably because they just like to be different), but Blu-ray won me over. My player will upscale regular DVD’s and both look fantastic. I’m super glad I went with everything I did. I had a showing of 300 at my house Tuesday with some friends, some good steak and potatoes. If the people that are coming over are crackers then I’ll cook the cracker food. If you like to experience the Cuban Cuisine then the next movie showing will include a spanish sensation for your taste buds. I’ve also been reading some articles on Blu-Ray taking the lead, here’s the lastest one. BLU-RAY RULES!