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Why the Tivo Series 3 HD isn’t for everyone

Well, some people have known after 2 weeks of having my Tivo Series 3 HD, I returned everything and canceled my subscription. Now, you Tivo fanatics are saying, “Are you nuts?!!?”  Well, I am, but for good reason. I tried the tivo and gave it a chance, maybe not long enough, but considering everything it could do, I knew I wouldn’t use half the features, and for something that not only I purchased, but also pay a service for, I couldn’t justify owning it. This I figured out after using my tivo and realizing I just want a second HD dvr just like the one I have on the big screen in the living room.  So, now I have two HD DVR’s from brighthouse and I’m still not satisfied because my second DVR is not exactly like the first (menu system is clunky, and it’s just slow).  So Tivo is awesome and I’m not knocking it, but it’s not for everyone….