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Finally, I have ported Expression Engine to WordPress and why

Well, hopefully it should be pretty transparent. I used this article on exporting expression engine to wordpress with some modifications (email me for help anyone). And after hours of using some old css code and some new code, I hope everything the general look should be pretty transparent. Well, it’s really been a long time coming. Expression Engine(EE) is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not adequate for my ‘uses’, it can do a lot of shit, in a really complicated fashion while, WordPress(WP) can still do some of that complicated shit while making it much easier for me to understand and update. Some little things; categories and tags, can be really useful, but I never got to using them in EE. While WP has it real clean and simple right there on the side in the admin page. I believe I was able to port everything pretty successfully without a hitch, comments and all. But please if you see something you don’t like, please let me know.

  1. With Expression Engine you had to pay for a license.
  2. WordPress from what Matt says will always be free, thanks Matt.

I like how WP auto saves your posts, and in EE, it just wasn’t there. EE is supposedly working on the next great CMS, and I’m sure it’ll be great, but a simpler looking and as powerful CMS/blog software is #1 in my book.

Now I’m gonna install Leopard.

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