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Downgrading my car but upgrading my life!

Cheesy I know, even for me.  Well I’ve had some awesome cars that I’ve loved.  The Jeep Commander, a Nissan Murano, and a Jeep Cherokee.  Now I’ve downgraded majorly and it’s been the best experience.  I’ve downgraded to my father’s 11 year old 160,000 mile Toyota Corolla.  It’s got nothing power and it drives like a champ!   I’m very grateful because that car payment I had is going to pay off a big credit card in 6 months!  I’ve also grown to appreciate that it’s a simple car with nothing special and I love that!  It’s easy to work on, things won’t break on it and it should drive to 300k miles!  I don’t worry about keeping it clean on the outside or in.  I’m not as concerned about the dog hair.  So many things I’m less concerned about!  I don’t care what others think!  I just do regular maintenance and it should last me a very long time!

Since my personal life has changed so much I’m finally taking control of my life and doing things I should have long ago!  It feels great and I’m finally making siginficant positive changes.  I’m reading more, simplifying my house, purging things I don’t need, being proactive, working on the house, being outside more, overall it’s improving my life.  I could care less if I have a significant relationship, I have a great core set of friends that are amazing.  I’m down to the basics of enjoying life.

I painted the whole outside of the house alone.  I remodeled my master bedroom with some incredible colors and bad ass base boards.   I have a new living room curtain that makes the living room feel even bigger!  I finally framed some awesome pictures I took of Hannah and Marle and bought some really fun/spiritual art work.  It’s also awesome to call friends and go do shit!  Go see movies, go to dinner, happy hour, whatever!   My creativity is flowing and I continue doing and trying new things.  I did Bikram Yoga and pwned that shit!  I have taken some great trips one to Chicago, one to the Keys, I have a Vegas trip and Washington D.C trip coming up.  I’m learning French!  I’ve read a few books already, and finally read a book in a week!  I plan to get a Kindle to continue this good habit.  I’m playing soccer twice a week and feel great about it.  I’m back to playing racquetball and playing well.  I run about once a week and still try to eat as healthy as possible (forcing lots of vegetables down my throat).  I cut out checking Google Reader and websites (now I do it manually, although I need to set time limits for the computer).  I’m working on a new venture that I hope to announce in a couple months.  It’s incredible that I’ve done so much and I’ve done it all in small chunks, one bite at a time.

I’m really getting back on track and it feels great.  My give oh shit meter is pegged and I’m enjoying life to the fullest again (well almost, as soon as this credit card is paid off).

It fuckin’ feels good to kick ass and tell you about it!  Life is too short to not kick ass!