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The Answer to Life

I have finally figured out what the answer to life is.   Here it is:  Nothing Matters.  Let me extrapolate….

Nothing Matters, What I mean by this is all those things you worry about, or stress over, or try to be productive about doesn’t matter.  The ONLY thing that matters is what you enjoy sincerely.  For me it’s surfing, boating, fishing, spending time with friends.  All those heated discussions you have with people, all those things you have to be responsible for doesn’t define you.  Working 80 hours a week to get something done isn’t going to matter in 2 years from then.  Life is about enjoying anything and everything you can.  It’s about being happy with whomever you’re with and not caring about the rest.  I’ve really realized this that I’m happiest when I have great experiences with friends and family.  So this year I’m going to do whatever it takes to get the boat I want.  I’ll continue to purge whatever I can cause none of the stuff I have really matters.

Go create those memories cause those last forever not having stuff or fighting with people or stressing over anything cause none of that really matters….