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My list of comedians I’ve seen over the years.

My Internet pen pal Rob asked long ago how many comedians I’ve seen. I started to think about it and now I wanted to compile my list. I’ve realized that I love seeing comedians, aside from being fun, I see the true talent to come up with jokes, and punch lines. I’ve studied it and it’s definitely something I want to study some more. So without further adu….my list in no particular order:

Carlos Mencia

Chris Tucker

Kevin Brennan

George Carlin

Dave ChappelleĀ  (twice)

George Lopez

Harland Williams

Dane Cook

Cedric the Entertainer

Christopher Titus


Martin Lawerence

Robin Williams

Daniel Tosh Small time comics (5)

Definitely one of my favorite hobbies and passions to watch no-name and talented comedians around the country.