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Status on my New Year’s Resolutions

While on this aggressive travel schedule, I’ve been making the most of this time spent alone knocking off things I wanted to do this year, most were with Mandy, but well you know…

Let’s see what I have on the list:

Go hiking, back packing, camping..Go camping with Mandy and the Dogs
Go horseback riding
Go indoor rock climbing
Go watch and bet on Jai Alai
Go to the circus
Go to the fair
Go indoor sky diving.
Go on an Airboat ride.
Get Salsa Dance Lessons with Mandy (The Mandy part will hopefully happen when I’m home, but my lessons start Wednesday!)
Went on a diet to eat less and loose fat
Went Snowboarding (Never planned but still counting it)
Have a Garage Sale  (We’ll do this when we get back, we need to get rid of unused items)
Learn CPR  (Having more and more kids in the family, this is just a good thing to learn and know, maybe I’ll do this while I’m out here).
Date Night, Helicopter ride over Orlando  (When I get back)
Date Night, Actually fly a small plane over Orlando  (This might not get done this year, but maybe)
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity  (I’ve enjoyed doing this previously and now I’m gonna do it again…when I get back!)

There’s still quite a bit to do, but I’ll get it done!!