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Being on Nutrisystem and how we save $400 per Month

Mandy and I have been on Nutrisystem since the 2nd week of January. It’s been a really positive experience, helping us learn to eat smaller portions more throughout the day and exercise regularly. We had a high level of dedication, especially the first time we ate out (which was at Brio our favorite place and very hard). With that level of dedication we’ve lost quite a bit of fat (we’re interested in losing fat, not weight). I even went as far as taking a before and after photo, but I’m too embarrassed to put it up. We continue to do Nutrisystem and eat less, eat healthier, exercise and not feel so bloated.

The best part really other than being healthy is, how much we save monthly. Nutrisystem sends you a 28 days worth of food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert). Now with each meal you should eat fruit, some carb or some other shit, but if you’re like us, you don’t eat that extra-good-for-you-stuff. Our meals together total $597.36. We normally spend around $1,000 in eating out, buying food, this also includes the cost of cooking. With not eating out as much (lunch, dinner, etc) it is obviously the big money saver and when we do we usually split the meals and have no alcohol. Saving on electric is the icing on the cake and it feels good to be green!!?! It’s been a huge boost in our income especially since I was unemployed for 3 months. So to anyone that is fat or lazy, frugal, wants to lose weight and wants to save money, Nutrisystem, or another food diet is the way to go. Or at least cooking a month’s worth of food before hand.