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Orland Jai-Alai is more fun than you may think.

For those frugal folks, Orlando Jai-alai is not a costly activity and really fun to watch with a group of people. You believe that with such hesitation, and I want to tell you why.  A group of us went to Jai-alai on Friday night and it was more fun that we had imagined. Now, the classy level is an all time low, but after you put that aside, it’s really an exciting sport! And when you bet a dollar here or 2 dollars there, that little bit really makes watching exciting.

After settling in on the second floor where the nicer restaurant is we ordered an appetizer and some food, we were all very hesitant because of the looks of the place, but let me put your minds to rest. Eating at the restaurant was some of the best food, and prices I have had in Orlando hands down!! Now you may think oh for fifty cents you get a huge meal…no no…what I mean is, I had the italian grill a huge sandwich that they prepared fresh with a lot of meat, and some amazing fries for 8 bucks! There was so much food I couldn’t eat the whole meal and had to take the rest home. There was not one person in the group that didn’t like their meal, definitely thumbs up on the food.

After I learned how to bet, I bet 2 dollars on my first game as a ‘Win’ bet (I lost that). On my second bet I bet on the ‘Win’ bet again, and lost that. My last bet I did the ‘Quinela’ bet and won 20 bucks! We watched 6 games, and it was awesome! Watching the players jump off the wall, make some amazing catches and throw the ball from the ground was really awesome, I personally know how hard that game is to play and that was really exciting for me.

If you’ve never seen jai-alai, I highly recommend going, and you don’t even have to bet, watching is exciting enough!