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I love hearing stories of seeing Dave Matthews Band Live for the first time and my top .

Lindsay just saw the Hollywood Bowl show with some amazing seats (I’m very jealous).  Mandy’s even more jealous cause she actually saw John Mayer play the song #41 with the band.  It’s really nice when someone sees the band play live for the first time it’s really a different experience, and that goes for most live performances of any performer.  Lindsay’s gonna be that girl we can eventually say I know that girl, we’re like best friends, and she gives me money all the time cause she’s rich!  Anyways, back to seeing the Dave Matthews Band live, I’m up to 21 shows and every one is memorable and super fun and energetic.  I never understood that ‘the energy was awesome’ untill seeing live shows in general.  Now my top five of live performances (there may be more, but that’s all I remember). 

  1. Jimmy Buffett at West Palm Beach (when it was called Mars Music Amphitheatre back in 1998, box seats, and it was my first concert ever!)
  2. Dave Matthews Band at West Palm Beach (again Mars Music Amphitheatre back in 1998, box seats, second concert)
  3. Dave Matthews Band at Central Park (the energy was amazing, and I can’t talk enough about it)
  4. Jason Mraz at House of Blues in Orlando (super fun show, he’s AMAZING live!!!)
  5. Bare Naked Ladies at TD Waterhouse (their improv songs are fucking amazing, and they’re super funny!).

Update:  Available for download the Dave Matthews Band show from Hollywood Bowl 10-02-2007 (192mb).