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How Brighthouse sets their HD channel numbers

Since getting my Tivo S3 HD, brighthouse had to come out and install a cable card (they only had to install one cause it’s a multi stream card, which saves you money).  Before leaving the guy said you should be all set, and with some doubt, I believed him. I asked him if my HD channels are good, and he’s like yeah, and we just added a few today. So if you want the food network, which is on 59 you just put 13 in front of it to go to the HD channel of it.  Discovery is on 41 and Discovery HD is on 1341.  Now this doesn’t apply to every channel and some of the local HD channels (ABC, CBS, NBC) are different.  Cool trick to remember though, instead of all that God awful scrolling.  It’s nice that they actually thought of things like that.