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Why are Cracker Crumbs never with the other likely items.

Mc Cormick Cracker MealMandy and I went grocery shopping Sunday, and I have this delusion with the aisle where you can coat your food to fry. Each time I see it I look for cracker crumbs (it’s an ingredient my mom uses very often to fry things, it’s a cuban thing). Anyways, each time I walk by I look for cracker crumbs cause I seem to never have any, and I’ll fry anything. I’m gonna fry some pigs feet soon. The cracker crumbs are never fucking there! I’ll waste half my time looking for these cracker crumbs in this aisle (and I refuse to look else where)! I’m not sure where Publix hides them, maybe it’s the ‘ethnic’ section, but I don’t care cause I’m not gonna look there, why shouldn’t they be with the things other ingredients for frying?!?! Any reasoned person knows cracker crumbs are only used for frying (yes you can do other things, but what’s better than fried?) Publix, please put the cracker crumbs with the other items like shake and bake, bread crumbs, and other similar frying ingredients.