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Que toca la musica y alto!

CucaLet the music play and loud! Friday night Mandy and I were notified Liduvina Mera (Cuca was her nick name, pictured on the right) passed away at the ripe age of 93. We rushed to Miami Saturday morning. She had some of the best few days of her life this past week. She was at the hospital because she was short of breathe. The doctor asked her why she was there and she said, because it’s my time to go and I want you to play some music. The doctor asked what kind of music she wanted and she said ‘un flamenco‘. She was in the best of spirits joking and laughing, and being her charming self. She’ll be buried in Flushing, New York next to her husband. We’re all glad she went when she did and didn’t suffer any more, and especially since she’ll be able to drink and be with some family she hasn’t seen in a long time, God Rest your soul Cuca! So let the music play and loud!!