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Holiday traffic sucks!

This year Mandy and I went to Miami to spend Christmas with my family.  It was a great time, lots of binge drinking and eating…the usual.  Anyways, on our drive down on I-95 I was following a truck loaded with what looked like couches on the bottom and a woman’s dresser on top.  I didn’t notice till the dresser vibrated off that nothing was tied down especially the dresser!  We’re all cruising around  80 mph and this dresser vibrates off the truck!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was on the phone with Big Jay and I said to him as calmly as can be to hold on a second.  I swerve frantically over to the middle lane as the dresser was sliding into that same lane.  Luckily I was going faster than the dresser and it was slowing down but the scary thing was watching it break apart from hitting the ground and the vibrations.  We were very lucky that we were not following that truck any closer and that no one was around us.  I’m not sure about all the cars behind us but the cars immediately behind us were able to drive around this dresser.

What’s worse is on the way from Miami back to Orlando while on the Turnpike, Mandy had a good view to an accident that happened 3 cars in front of us.  This again while cruising around 75 mph and having to slam on our brakes with the pups in the back.   Another very dangerous situation, but luckily Mandy had warned me quickly enough that braking wasn’t super rough (Christmas gifts still moved and the pups were still upset over the whole thing).

So all this holiday driving is very dangerous so you all be extra careful!