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Banana Republic’s online photos are lighted heavily.

[singlepic=12,350,250,left] Banana Republic’s website is one of my favorite for online shopping, it has the best, easiest and most powerful function to really make you feel like you’re touching the desired item. Very ajaxy, and smooth. My only complaint is the pictures they use are lighted heavily. Now you look at the boots pictured and say, wow those are some nice boots! We’ll you’re horribly wrong! I ordered those boots, because it was exactly what I was looking for to hike through all the snow we’re having. Well the boots are a lot darker than pictured, and I was thoroughly disappointed. This also happened on a second pair of shoes I ordered from Banana. So here’s your fair warning, whatever you order from Banana Republic online without seeing it in the store…picture it 2 shades darker.