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I’ve written two blog posts for the Emurse blog and on my first post about “How to Leave Your Job” I forgot to mention a few things…

When resigning let your boss know and be ready to give him your reasons. Remember stay focused on the positive reasons for leaving. Reasons like, I’m tired of the 1980’s outdated work environment, aren’t necessary. Also be prepared for an ‘Oh, OK then….bye!’

Staying amicable with everyone is most important because people move on to another job in the same industry.

If your employer asks you to stay longer than your given notice, you have no obligation to do so.

Write a resignation letter, include your end date, and how much you’ve enjoyed working for the company. Again leaving on good terms is key.

Find out the benefits and salary you are entitled to receive upon leaving, paid time off and sick time is usually paid out, and rolling over your 401k to another employer or to an IRA.

Return any company property you may have.