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To the tragic deaths of some incredible people

Recently some of my favorite and inspiring ‘celebrities’ passed away for one reason or another.

First George Carlin, a pinnacle comedian of his life time and to this day.  I did get to see him live back in Melbourne.  Still extremely funny and innovative.  You couldn’t have asked for someone so smart and engaging.  Kevin Smith said it best in his blog post.

Bernie Mac, another hilarious comedian, and super nice guy.  From everything I read about him online, from people meeting him, they only said good things.  He was a hard working man, and deserved all the fame and success he had.

LeRoi Moore saxaphonist from the Dave Matthews Band.  Another super nice guy that deserved everything he had.  One with extreme talent, and the heart of gold.  Mandy and I donated to some of his favorite charities in Virginia.  We’ll be very sad when we see the Maddison Square Garden Show Stand Up for a Cure, it won’t be the same, but we’ll have a great time for the man above!

LeRoi Moore