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Orlando Doggy Day Care

Over the past two months, Mandy has taken the dogs to Happy Paws Orlando for doggy day care.  I finally got the chance to visit this past Monday, and the amenities are awesome!  The dogs absolutely love it!
Happy Paws Orlando
We’ve really taken advantage of it, even if we just leave the dogs for the day.  Hannah gets to swim, Marle gets to play with other dogs, and they come home exhausted!  It’s really worth it and I’m glad I finally got the chance to see the place myself!.  The owners Michael and Corrina are super nice and have done a phenomenal job with every detail.  I’ve spoken extensively to the owners and they have done 5 years of research traveling around the country visiting Pet Resorts and talking to pet owners of what they liked and did not like about the pet resorts they were going to.  They have really done their homework.  It shows in the quality of everything they do, between limiting the number of dogs, and cats (because too many becomes unsafe for everyone), and being able to have a web cam to watch your dog from the web.  It’s incredible the amount of effort to detail and service.  I highly recommend this place to anyone with a pet.  It’s good exercise and the grooming service they do is worth it.  Best of all the price is very reasonable!!