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The end of a great weekend!!

It’s been super nice to be home on the weekends, and this will be our third weekend to ourselves coming up.  Rewinding some, this past weekend was wonderful too becausemac mini Friday we went to the wine bar in waterford and then Mandy wanted to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some King Pillows for our King bed.  Tangent; Our bed is super wonderful, huge, comfortable, and relaxing.  You sleep like a log on it.  We picked up some more sheets, and some other misceleanous stuff Mandy or I wanted to pick up.  We went home, relaxed some more and passed out.  Saturday we went to the Mall at Mellenia, and spent most of the day there.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to the mall, and Mandy had some gift cards she wanted to use.  We returned home to see a movie with Ian and Marj, but plans feel through and we stayed home and rented a movie.  Sunday, Mandy went back to the mall to pick up somethings she thought about after a good nights sleep and picked me up a little toy.  My first Mac, a MAC MINI!!!!!  I’m super excited and it’s a fun different computer to play with and learn.  It’s very hard to get acustomed to, but I’m forcing myself to use it as my full time PC.  Good bye Windows XP, well until I install BootCamp or Parallels. wink I’m proud that my first mac was given to me by my Fiancee!!  Ugh and Monday I had jury duty, I’ll post about that soon!