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10 Things I learned about Jury Duty

I had Jury Duty Monday, this being the second time I’ve been called upon however with the first them never calling my number and not having to actually go to the court house.  This time, of course I was selected, and not prepared at all for a wasteful day.  These are 10 things I recommend anyone bring or do when they go to jury duty.

  1. Bring a laptop, if you’re going to the Orange County Court House they have free WiFi.
  2. Bring a book, if you’re in one of the groups that have to be a selected juror then you can read while you wait.
  3. Bring an mp3 player.
  4. Bring a portable DVD Player with at least 2-3 movies.
  5. Bring a suit case or bag you can lock.  From what I understand if you have to actually serve as a juror, you’re not allowed  to bring in electronics or books or anything into the court room.
  6. If you have forgotten anything from above, be prepared to use their ‘Cyber Cafe’ and have something you’re currently interested in to search for.
  7. There is a tv room, where they play whatever is on ABC that day, so you may want to catch up on your soaps before hand.
  8. There are plenty of magazines and books to read, make it a goal to finish a book or a magazine before you get called.
  9. Find a hot girl or guy and get to know them, try to make it so you go out to lunch together.
  10. Stretch the truth? wink

Those are the 10 things I learned and recommend about jury duty.  Good luck and remember hang ’em high! b0ng!

Update 5/15/11: They have locks for the lockers you just have to sign them out.  Although if you have anything locked up and it’s after 5pm you won’t be able to access it till the following day.