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The end of a great Sunday

My parents came in town Friday afternoon, and we cooked dinner at the house, and watched a movie cause Saturday was a big day at Islands of Adventure.  We got there around noon and yes it was raining, it rained on and off most of the day.  We didn’t get caught to bad and lucked out most of the day.  My parents enjoyed IOA since they’ve never been.  After IOA we went to Melenia Mall and had dinner, and checked out something Mandy wants from Crate & Barrell.  We got home uber exhausted and passed out.  Sunday we woke up and my parents left around 11 and Mandy and I went grocery shopping.  After getting home from the grocery store I laid around all afternoon working on ‘theHourly’, and then played raquetball at 5 anialating James.  Mandy’s Taco Soup was delicous as always and I helped her put away the rest of laundry.  This was the Sunday afternoon I’ve needed for a while.