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Blog Orlando, BarCamp Orlando, and Alex doesn’t use Quicksilver!!!

Heh, I sat in on Alex’s talk about ‘The Orlando Scene’ which was entertaing, motivational, and inspirational to get the Orlando tech and non tech people together. CoWorking is an awesome idea, and I hope to be a part of it real soon. Florida Creatives is another group of individuals that have meet ups to talk about whatever (blogs, tech, clothes, or anything you want). It’s really cool, and I’ve been a few times. There’s also LikeMind which meets once a month on a Friday (see Ryan’s Comment). Now while Alex was talking I sat in his seat with his MacBook Pro in front of me. I wanted to see what cool programs he had and was going to use Quicksilver to open the applications folder. Low and behold he didn’t even have quicksilver installed, shame shame!

Now for Blog Orlando, it was a really great experience, and I enjoyed meeting new people and hearing very knowledgable people about subjects I know only a moderate amount. I went to most of the tech sessions. There was some good discussions and lots of local business wanting to get into the blogsphere and marketing to that crowd. I recommend to anyone to go next year.

Now for BarCampOrlando it’s a different realm, it’s different because the subjects varied greatly. We also didn’t know the subjects before hand (which I’m not a complete fan of), but they varied from Adobe’s web development, to simulation robots, to talks about java script. It’s a good experience and I also recommend it to others.