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The All in One Solution

is Google Apps, since I’ve migrated to the mini, I decided to make the move to doing everything online, from my spreadsheets, text files/documents, email, calendar, contacts, etc.  Let me explain my setup and for some this may be boring or uninsteresting, but for those that don’t know, this is the shit!  Since, I got the mini I’ve wanted to try out something I’ve been reading about with having as much of one’s personal stuff online.  Literally, documents, spreadsheets, email, contacts, calendar, it fucking rocks.  I can still do things on the home computer locally and everything syncs up.  I’m using spanning sync to sync up iCal with Google Calendar, I use Gmail to have my email and contacts online, and Google Documents for my spreadsheets and text files.  It’s been wonderful.  This allows me to not have to vnc anywhere, and edit my files anywhere that has an internet connection.   My next task is to have my music library online so I can play it from anywhere, same goes for my pictures.  I know there are solutions out there for some of that stuff, but I’m still looking to find out what’s the best and easiest.  For my photos I’ll probably use picasa or flickr, but they have limitations, and I import everything to iPhoto, if you have any recommendations let me know.  Same goes for my music, I use iTunes and I’d like that clean click play interface.  I even use Missing Sync for Windows Mobile to sync all my contacts, calendar, and email to my cell phone.