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Finally after all these years of gambling

I learned how to play Craps.  And holy shit!  I have been missing out big time!  That game is awesome, and I understand why people continue to cheer the way they do.  We just returned from vegas from my bachelor party weekend (I was swept away in secracy).  And once I knew we were going, I wanted to be sure I learned how to play craps and I’m back as an experienced user!  We had a great time, between the couple strip clubs, all the clubs at the palms, and Alizé restaurant at the Palms which is AMAZING food!  Gambling, and talking with hookers, it’s a weekend I wont’ soon forget!  Everyone had a good time, and I can’t say enough thanks to everyone going.  I think the quote of the weekend from Tammy D is, “Pussy is pussy RIGHT!?!”