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Katy’s Graduation Weekend.

Well, we decide to host Katy’s Graduation Party because, we enjoy hosting (something we don’t do nearly enough) and we wanted her Orlando friends to party down with her. To begin we’ve been planning this for a few weeks, and it all revolved around another pig roast (pig pictures aren’t included, cause no one used our camera, but i know someone has some). We had a great time, and yes we floated the keg (that’s exciting, cause by 11pm it still seemed very full)! Anyways, Katy had an absolute blast, and doesn’t remember some of it. 😉 There was beer pong with the plywood board being signed. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the pig turned out amazing again. I have a full shoulder left over, which I hope to share with friends. And a huge congratulations to Katy for not only graduating but already getting a great job at a fine dinning restaurant at TPC in Ponte Vedra Beach!!!

Katy’s Graduation Weekend