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Progress Energy and their Home Energy Evaluation Program

Cleaning Condenser Coils of a RefridgeratorThis Wednesday Progress Energy came by and did a home energy evaluation, and I am very satisfied with their thorough results. It only took an hour and it’s free! Carlos the Cuban (I’m calling him that cause that was his name and he noticed I was of the Cuban decent), came to the house and asked what particularly I was interested in him checking out. I mentioned I was concerned my AC may have a leak, and was interested if my windows were leaking AC anywhere. Well luckily nothing was really outstanding. He mentioned my outside AC freon pipe was missing some insulation, and to be sure my Condenser coils of my fridge are clean cause if they’re not it’ll make my fridge run more and use more energy. As you can see in the picture, that’s all the crap that came off my condenser coils(Hannah was supervising as always)! I bought a Condenser coil brush, and cleaned the shit out of ’em. Carlos said that the fridge was the 3rd, now the 4th (after the plasma tv) appliance that uses up the most energy. So, immediately I cleaned that shit, and I am glad I did. I’m going to do the same to the beer fridge outside. I really recommend this home energy evaluation cause they give you free CFL light bulbs and insulators for your outlets and light switches, a way to test the temperature of what your water heater is set to, and they explain all the programs they will compensate you for to save energy! It was really informative and I hope to take advantage of a few. I highly recommend anyone doing this, it was really educational and motivational to get your home energy bill really low!!