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I am the Racquetball Champion!!!

I am proud to say, I am the racquetball champion for the beginners league at Waterford Lakes! I played 2 people last night, with the first game being a shut out 11-9, and 11-7. The second game was much more of a challenge playing a great opponent and friend Derek! He won the first game 11-4, I came back the next game 11-3, and the final game 11-9. It was tough work, but lots of fun! You may not feel the excitement, but I’m fucking pumped!!!!! I’m definitely moving into the B League next season, to get even better! I’M THE FUCKING RACQUETBALL CHAMP!!!!!!11111!!!!!11111!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i used one’s, that’s a lot of excitment!!1!!)