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Our Body Exhibit at the Orlando Science Center is fascinating.

Mandy and I have been wanting to see the Our Body Exhibit at the Orlando Science Center for as long as it’s been around.   Florida Hospital graciously paid to have the exhibit extended…so thank you for that, otherwise we would have missed it.   It was really gross!  Ok, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it was really neat to see the human body in a completely different way.   If you’re into the ‘how it looks’ aspect of things or the ‘how it works’ aspect this is your type of exhibit!  I wish I would have remembered the audio tour you can download online.  We spent a good hour and a half reading and looking at everything.  Definetely worth seeing, if that sort of stuff doesn’t creep you out.  Last day is October 31st, before it moves on to another big city.