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Kat-Man-Tay Tours updates

With the help of Eric, Kat-Man-Tay Tours Jacksonville Fishing Charters is looking really good.  I’m happy with it’s layout and the way it looks in general. There are  things that I want to do for it to be that much better, like adding a ‘book online’ feature, which  I’m thinking of writing myself in php.  Yeah I said it!  I’m coding again, and it’s fun!  Eric has been teaching me things and I now understand php code 100% better!  There’s still a lot of functions and good coding practices that I’m grasping.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Getting back to KMTTours.com, those people with blogs would provide some link love to KMTTours.com Captain Henry would greatly appreciate it!  I’m begging, please link to us!