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Now about Aruba

I think my favorite part was the weather a hot 86-89F with a strong breeze to keep you cool.  The water probably about 71-73F enough to keep you cool, then you could dry off quickly with the warm sun.  Sunscreen is a must, but you don’t need to go overboard with 45 SPF, reaplying 8 or 15 was good enough.  I’m now a nice light moca color.  Our adventures had us sun bathing at least 3-4 hours a day, one day we had a Jeep Safari, with another having a Happy Hour Catameran Snorkel Adventure.  We meet a very nice couple by the pictures you can see here.  The people and the island is super safe it does have a somewhat bad rap.  Most everyone we meet were return visitors and that’s huge, I mean not like this is my 2nd year back, it’s my 45th time back or whatever.  With my craps game a rockin (which makes me want to go to vegas with Stone), I was up about 25 bucks then I jumped to my 2nd favorite game Roulette to get up 150 bones!  I didn’t play much cause I wanted Mandy to spend some of our money on anything she wanted to buy for herself. All in all, great trip and we can’t wait to go back for our 2nd time.  Quick side story, we flew back through San Juan and I felt like it was the worst airport ever!  We were 15 minutes late leaving, and we already had a 3 hour lay over with a 3 hour flight.  We weren’t happy for those last fuckin 15 minutes!  Damn you Puerto Ricans!  I like to blame them on everything!   If Cubans ran that airport you’d be in and out so fucking fast it wouldn’t even be funny.  We do have to thank those PR’s for the cheap Bacardi Limon.