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Don’t have more than 100 people

if you’re hosting a party or a party is being celebrated for you (like a wedding).  We had 100 people at the wedding, and it could have been much bigger easily, but 100 was our target number.  We hit it right on, and anymore people than that and I would have been tired of talking to people by the second hour.  That’s the first thing I learned about weddings.  The second thing is setting the mood and having a good first dance.  Mandy’s and I first dance was fucking awesome!  Really, it was bad ass, and everyone loved it!  They were so impressed by everything about it; my dancing, Mandy’s dancing, the energy was as good as a Dave Matthews concert!  I hope to have video when we get it back from the videographer.  Photos at the wedding, when someone asked to take a photo with us, my smile just got worse and worse throughout the night and people’s camera were getting worse too (or maybe it was just me).  Flashes took forever to load or their camera was just slow at taking pictures (so holding a smile never turns out great).  The thing I repeated most that night was thank you driving or flying from here or there!  It’s a big deal for you to spend your Saturday night with us in Jacksonville, Easter weekend!  We really felt the love and support for everyone that was there.   When people say it’s gonna go by so fast, they’re very right, but I definetely did my best stepping back and just taking everything in, I remember a lot and I remember everything I said to everyone, but of course there were instances where people were taking shots together, or whatever.  Everyone seemed to have a geniunely good time.  It was really nice for everyone to say good bye as they were leaving, that was touching.  We’re glad it’s over and to everyone that made it to the wedding, we don’t care about gifts we really just wanted you to be there!  And for the gifts, it was a true sign of how blessed Mandy and I are to have such wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you from the bottom of my our hearts!