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My parents finally bought a house!

Well, since my parents just sold their house in Jensen beach it was exciting for me to see them buy their next house in Miami.  Now I was hoping for a more glorious house, because they deserve it for working so hard these last 29 years, but regardless my parents bought their new house cash which alone is very inspiring.  It was definitely a huge fixer upper, but a great investment in a great area.  It’s been fun to hear their stories about seeing the house transform into a great livable space.  The house they bought was a foreclosure short sale dump that everything was ripped out of the house and stopped being taken care of.  I couldn’t believe how easy the transformation was and how great my parents handled it all.  I unfortunately don’t have any photos but hope to take some real soon.  I also hope they get to start really enjoying the retired life they deserve.  In addition to eating right and staying as healthy as possible.  I hope one day they get to see some grand kids, even if it is seeing Taylor some more.