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After 25 years my Parents are moving

Tomorrow is gonna be a very sad day for me.  My parents have finally sold their house in Jensen Beach to move and retire with the rest of the family in the Kendall area of Miami.  I’m not sure if it’ll be the last time I will see this house.  Regardless, I always dreamed of buying that house and renting it out till I could live there, but it doesn’t make sense now.  I’ll never forget all the fun times I had there with my family.

I’ll never forget all the grandparents, Great Aunts, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and best friends that visited that house.  I’ll never forget the water balloon birthday pool parties, Easter dinners, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas dinners that went on at that house.  I’ll never forget seeing the “Real Santa.”  I’ll never forget all the basketball I played at that house.  I hope to never forget a lot of things about that house, but I’ll always remember my grandmother picking me up from school with her umbrella to shade from the sun, and her amazing cooking I can still smell and taste to this day.  I especially won’t forget the bond I have with my father working on things around the house. I also won’t forget the great cooking and cleaning my mom constantly did around the house.

I’ll never forget 1612 NE 25th Terrace, Jensen Beach, you’ll be in my heart forever along with all the spirits you touched.