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My new goal to be the Salsa Stripper King!

My new hobby is to be the Salsa Stripper King (SSK for short)!  {Just for Mandypants of course}.  So, on my new year’s resolution list (I know you’re tired of hearing about it).  I have been wanting to take dance lessons ever since Mandy and I did our lessons for our wedding dance.  I finally started, and I’m taking these dance classes twice a week here in Perth.  It’s been really fun to not think about work, and work on my motor skills and get my dance skillz up to a much better place.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now, but now as an adult I have the confidence to do it and my give a shit meter is really low.  When I do something challenging like this I want to get really good.  In addition it’s a skill I should be already good at, but mostly it’s fun to have, especially for weddings! 😉  Anyways, the classes are great and my biggest challenge is learning how to lead.  I have a wife that is the queen of dance, and she won’t follow me, but she will with some practice.  I’m really glad I’m doing this and it’s helping pass the time.