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Internet Addition [A Serious Post]

Well, it seems on my feeds I’ve been reading about some Internet Addiction and in China I guess it’s a real big deal .  I don’t think I have a problem, cause I hate the internet and cell phones (two addictions many people now a day can’t live without.  Regardless, I enjoy surfing the web because I find different gems of great tools for the home, or for online.  Here’s a list of some of the gems, I’ve found online or some of the tools I use to make my internet experience more convient, or efficient.

Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover (Mandy’s condo the toilets are very very old, and they had that ring, and this thing removed them with ease.)

Total Shaving Solution (Another amazing product for shaving, gives a great shave and it’s all natural.)

Car Stops (Make is such an awesome site)

Firefox for web browsing (even though Flock is neat) with some powerful extensions [Better Gmail, del.icio.us , MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay, PDF Download, Tab Mix Plus, Google Notebook , and I need to give adblock plus a better chance]. 

I turned into a big fan of Del.icio.us cause of the great information you can find track.  and save for yourself.

Digg is good, but for the feeds I read, the links there are mostly repeatitive to me.  I need to give reddit and or netscape a better chance. Of course there’s google news. 

All in all, Internet addiction is a serious thing.  Especially for those myspace freaks, or those that can’t keep up with their feeds.  No addiction is good of course, but I like to write about it cause I worry about my own.  With this new laptop, being so portable is such a nice thing I’m writing this as I lay in bed, that’s not a good thing.  My lazyness has been overcoming me lately, and I’m working to get it back in check.  Whatever your addiction may be, be careful it doesn’t overwhelm you. wink