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My 8 hour install of Leopard and my review.

Mac OS X LeopardWell, I’m no too happy with Apple at the moment. My install took me 8 hours. I prepared it by reading the apple forums very well. I read on gizmodo, that you need to uninstall application enhancer(check!). Along with that I browsed through the apple support forums for leopard especially this post where it talks about a post leopard installation stuck on a blue screen, and it seems to be caused by Unsanity’s Application Enhancer. No problem I say I un-installed that little app, and already had a backup of my important files, and was ready to go. Well after I boot to the Leopard DVD, and try to tell it what hard drive to install it on, it won’t let me install it on my main drive because the partition type is not GUID. The partition it was Apple something something. Soo, what sucks about this is I had to backup my full drive about 2 1/2 hours. I had to reformat my main drive as a GUID partition and then restore my backup to my main drive, so that took around 3 hours. Well, then I did the Leopard upgrade another 1 1/2 hour later. I restart and…………get the blue screen I talked about earlier. Apple came out with this “Blue screen” appears after installing Leopard and restarting, and after restarting a few times and waiting, I followed those directions and it seems there was one file that was still hanging around even though I thought I removed it. Restarted and then everything was golden!! Now what do I think of Leopard, eh….it’s cool so far, but nothing that’s super duper amazing. I haven’t tried all the features (ie. time machine, spaces, etc.) I’m still making sure things are running like I want it. I also don’t notice a huge difference in speed, and I got 4 gigs of memory. So so far I’m not all that impressed….