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Let’s rewind some

Joel got married at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, goregous hotel with just an amazing staff.  That was at the beginning of July.  The following weekend Mandy and I went to Jacksonville to do wedding stuff catch up here.  The weekend after that well, it’s got what we did there.  The 22nd of July we tried to veg, but I had to work.  Last weekend well, you should have read Mandy’s and I’s wedding blog.  I’ve fixed some things up at the house which has kept me busy and with this heat, it just sucks to do anything outside, so I like to stay in and watch whatever is on TV or the DVR or rent a movie.  Boring I know, but shit this heat makes you lazy!  My birthday weekend as turning the big 2-6 don’t matter much.  Now coming up, we have a Dave Matthews Band Concert in West Palm that I have awesome seats and I might be able to get better ones, and then VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, I know what you’re fucking thinking, ‘damn son, you talk about heat, you’re gonna be one sorry sack of shit with vegas heat’.  And well I agree!  I’m ready to blow my money on gambling and hopefully win big.

Work is super busy with some travel time coming up in September.  I hope to be caught up by mid September with that work stuff.  I might also do some consulting work on the side for some extra money that I could really really use right now.