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An Update

Wow, um yeah. Aight well here’s the news. Since I haven’t posted since June 14th, I’ll catch you up on what’s a going on. Like I wrote before and with some update, we’ve picked out an awesome D.J./MC and a great videographer (how do we know they are awesome and great, it’s because of their personality!). Mandy has found her wedding dress which was an adventure in it’s own. The quick break down is an entourage of family and friends hurried into town as a mini-vacation and mainly for dress shopping. The entourage began with Mandy’s mother Linda, then of course the husband Henry, the infamous Aunt Di (Linda’s sister), Katy (Mandy’s sister and the maid of honor) and then Jason, Meredith, and baby Avery. The fun events started Tuesday and ended late Sunday with visiting Animal Kingdom (Wednesday), Sea World Thursday, Dress shopping for the girls and golf for the boys(Friday), more dress shopping with the girls saturday and more golf for the boys(Saturday), and then Sunday relax with the family and friends. As for this month August, it’s another busy month with a Dave Matthews concert in West Palm Beach, a nice vacation to Vegas for 5 days, and hopefullyl some relaxing! Now, I’m not sure how well, we’ll be able to keep the site up to date, but we’ll definetely do our best. September and October look like a pretty busy months already, but we’ll make time. See you all soon!