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Goodbye Jeep Commander

My new Yamaha C3 Scooter

My new Yamaha C3 Scooter

-Hello 110mpg  Yamaha C3 Scooter!   Ever since I got my scooter it has been really fun to drive to work.  I can relate to why people have motorcycles (not that my top speed of 42mph is as fast as a motorcycle but I can relate).  It’s been really nice to ‘zip’ around town in a small simple transportation tool.  I’ve had my scooter for 3 months and it’s sometimes hard not having a car, but I’m struggling through it.  My goal is to have this ride through December.

I do use a helmet, gloves, a jacket, and of course cool shades.  I had 1 mishap, which was slipping in some wet grass (my commute was doing some off road, but I’ve since found a slightly faster way).  My commute to work is 3.1 miles in 6 minutes 30 seconds. I don’t take any major roads except when I go to Waterford Lakes and I’m on SR 50 for a few minutes.  Other than that I’ve found back roads to get to wherever I need.

Everyone asks, “What are you gonna do when it rains?”, and I say, “I have rain gear that I’m gonna wear!”  The cold weather at the beginning of the year definitely sucked, mostly because I don’t have a full helmet, it’s just a skull cap with some cool graphics on the side. 😉  I hope to show off some video of me riding it and will add it to the post later.

For now it feels good to be this economical and enivornmentally friendly.  We’ll see how long it lasts….