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Day 5: I LOVE Guacamole

Day 4: See Day 2

Seriously, I love me some GUAC and I had no idea until I came to Mexico and the stuff is everywhere! As I sit in the hotel room, in my Mexican Cowgirl Hat, my Dos Equis and having just finished a plate full of chips, pico de gallo y guac, I decided I needed to tell everyone how much I love guac and Mexico. The guac here is ALWAYS FRESH, not like the browning stuff you sometimes see at Chipotle,; this is seriously, always FRESH and so yummy!

Yesterday we met the nicest family from Vancouver, which we are totally friends with and plan to summer in Vancouver with and perhaps even attend the 2010 Olympics (yes, we’ve gotten invited). Anyway, we were poolside yesterday and today and loved every minute of it. The sun is high, the water is blue, the drinks are cold and the company is awesome. Zeus and I are having a great time and to be honest- neither of us wants to return. While we only had one excursion, we’re just enjoying chillin pool-side with a cool cocktail. While our new friends are from Canada (which there are A LOT of BTW) we’ve met folks from Vegas as well. They booze and smoke way more than we ever would (especially the smoking since we aren’t smokers), but we got an invite to contact them the next time we’re in Vegas.

So now we’re watching “Taladega Nights” with “Little Baby Jesus” and enjoying a cold one before dinner. We’re got a couple more nights left in Cabo and hope to eat at “The Office” tomorrow evening with out new Canadian friends.

Until then… we miss everyone at home…

Love, Mandy y Zeus