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Day 3: Expedition Cabo

Toady was an awesome day and we’ve got PHNOM pictures to prove it. While the morning started out as a cluster, the day got progressively better.

You see, our confirmation for the Cabo Outdoor Adventure said to be there at 6:30 am; thus we had to get up insanely early (despite it being considerably late EST), and we had to find our own mode of transportation. And we did, a taxi pulled up, and we took it. We were dropped off at the downtown Cabo Marina, in front of the Dolphin Center, which was empty with no one inside. So we meandered up and down the Cabo Marina saying “no” to every fisherman who asked if we wanted to fish, trying to find someone who could help us. After a good 30 minutes of wondering, a back employee entrance was open and someone was there that was slightly educated and he said we were very early! “Thank you Captain Obvious” for the enlightenment. Anyway, I digressed, so we had to wait another 30 minutes before the check in opened up…and what do you know, when it does open and we’re trying to check in they can’t find our reservation. WHAT?! WHY?! What kind of people run this place? But wait, upon further investigation of the paperwork, our reservation was actually for YESTERDAY! Yea! So, we were up at the butt crack of dawn, freezing our tail feathers off, fending off the “Barracuda Mexican Fisherman” for nothing! I had to step away from the check-in counter needless to say however, Cabo Adventure came through and we were booked on the 9 am tour.

So, we went to have what turned out to be a wonderful breakfast at Café Canola, which overlooked the marina, and watched the sunrise. It was quite lovely actually.

Finally, we made it back to the Dolphin Center and were properly checked in and ready to go! Never the shy types, we made friends immediately- Oz & Jessica (the newlyweds from Dallas), Marette & George (step siblings from Seattle), and eventually Rachel & Matthew (engaged and get this, from ORLANDO!)

So… you’re asking yourself… what did you do?! Get on with it already… OK….hold onto your running shoes and tutus people…. We went zip lining, rope climbing, hiking, rock wall climbing, free ladder climbing, Tarzan swinging, bridge crossing, rock wall rappelling, river crossing, finally finishing with the mother of all zip lines- soaring above a rock quarry at 45 miles an hour! IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!

I’m signing off here to go wash the funk off . XO to every Gringo y Cubano back home…

Mandy & Zeus

Anyone thinking I’m not the “out-doorsey” type, can kiss it! Enjoy the photos! Lots of Love from Cabo!

Photos Here