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Being home sick

I’ve been extended a week and half longer here in Germany. I’m not thrilled cause I miss Mandy, my friends, and my house terribly! Fortunately before I left we planned some fun weekend events with friends and family (late night dinners, superbowl parties, dinning out after work, Jai-Alai, Orlando Improv, guy’s night, a dog walk or just going out for some wine tasting). The worst part about being extended is I’ll only be home a week and half before I leave again, for another ‘supposed’ two weeks.

This being away from home reminds me of when I was a young lad. Sleep-overs always sounded cool and fun, but I could never follow through because I would become very home sick. So much that sometimes my parents would have to pick me up. Fortunately I grew out of it. This trip reminds me how much I love being home, with the wife, the dogs, tv, the macbook pro and people that speak English. Of course before I left I was excited to see Germany and I’ve seen some (but not as much as I’d like or have time for).

Flying over here to Germany (on an 8 + hour flight), you could easily recognize who was there for business and it made me wonder. When you don’t have much to get home to, might it be easier to deal traveling for long periods at a time? – I get home sick after visiting my parents after just 2 days (or just tired of them..love you mom!)  So for me when traveling for more than 3 weeks without my Mandypants is not so fun.

Mandy brought up a very good point to me, I can’t complain too much because her bestfriend is pregnant with a second child, and her husband is being shipped to Iraq for 8 months starting in March (God Bless you Mere & Jay).  Things could always be worse, so to everyone back home I miss you all, and hope to see you very soon for a fun evening out….before I leave again!