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Yum, Hrmm, Saturday Night

AHhhhhhh, it’s a Saturday night, and Celly didn’t call.  It’s no problem cause I’m absolutely hamered at my house with the last of the vodka I found.  I”m running really low on alcohol, given that I haven’t been home the past 3 weekends.  I’ve made the most of my weekend at home on a Saturday night wasted.  Tomorrow sometime we’re going to the Food & Wine Festival if you’d like to join us, just call we’ll probably head down around noon-ish.  I think Mr. Hall, and Billy the kid will be joining us.  And Celly if you read this Sunday, I don’t mind that you didn’t call, I did the next best thing I could do, get wasted alone!!!!  Here’s to a drink when you don’t have to go any fucking place!!! Cheers!