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Ya know seriously, this has been an entertaining last day or two.

Yesterday, Rob sent me a link about this.  The new Dave Album had been on VH1’s site since 8am PST, and I didn’t find out till early afternoon, between Rob and I we were finally able to cut an mp3 copy for people to listen to while we wait for the new album coming out Tuesday.  We came up with a zip of the new album and posted it to YouSendIt.com, but the links keep dying really quick after 3 or 4 tries I was like fuck this, I’ll host it myself for a little while.  I uploaded it to HZ.org and everyone was happy, that was about 4pm. 

I got home from work, watched some television, and I said let me check the bandwidth so I can make sure I don’t go over.  While I was sitting down I noticed I had some AIM messages from Rob They went a little like this: