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Working 8-5

aight so it might be a new concept for me, but it’s really good.  I’m now a useful resource instead of a wasted one (or at least I’m not a lazy resource).  Things are great at the new job.  It is night and day between my previous employeer and here. I never realized how much a good working environment makes a person more productive.  Along with ammenties of a speaker phone (direct line to me) at my desk, a 19″ flat panel monitor with a pretty damn fast computer.  A nice clean up to date, state of the art cube and desk (meaning lots and lots of desk space and storage space..oh and a super comfortable chair)!!  I’ll be getting a security clearance, etc.  It’s very exciting, and comforting that there are companies that care about their employees.  Aight so that’s all the good stuff, the bad; Weblogs.com and anything associated with it is blocked, so sites like engadget with pictures get blocked, youtube.com, collegehumor.com, but fark, and craigslist isn’t blocked. wink   I have nothing to complain about, cause this place fuckin rocks!!!!